schedule of 2001/2002


Teacher presentation

- each school presents a list of teachers who work in the project
(including name / e-mail / fax (if available) / address / an personal information)



deadline: 29th octobre

school calendar

yearly and daily school schedule
(including school holidays)



deadline: 29th october

Logo Contest

- each class at school creates a logo to the project
- logo contest at school
- the school winner presents its logo in the international contest
-International contest - exhibition of the winners in the net
- each school elects a logo (logos appear without reference to the country)


- 15th november

- 19th november
26th november

Comenius day

Balloon contest

each pupil starts a balloon with his/her name and address


27th november

Pupil's Presentation

Each school publish a list of pupils working in the project
(including name / e-mail / fax (both if available) / adress / hobbies

deadline: 30 th november


EURO in daily life

daily products - each school makes a list of 10 products and its price in EURO


from now to February


each school edit news about several subjects which are included in the Netnews
Items of the Netnews:
      • Sports
      • Computer games
      • Films
      • Feedbacks on early issues
      • Events
      • Nature
      • Local news
      • Top Ten (music)
      • Open space (Pinboard)





first issues before Christmas

deadline for No 0: 4th december

new edition every 6 weeks

Wheather station

- measurement of temperature each monday from 4th march 2002 to march 2003
a monthly picture is taken from the same place to show the change of seasons in different countries and areas

from 4th of march 2002 to march 2003

Europe's Day

- exhibition about EURO and its impact in the community


8th may


- eachschool collects 1-5 traditional local recipes to be published in the net

- at the end of school year, each school make a gastronomic exhibition where same recipes from the different countries are cooked by children and parents

- publish a book with the recipes, images of the exhibition and feedbacks


april 2002

- may/ june 2002

june / july 2002