* * * Our class * * *

Our class is rather large. We have a small library at the bottom, a computer with a scanner, a printer and a Web-camwood, a television and a video tape recorder. We have also full with posters, two charts of the world and in a corner of the class all that you sent to us. Our windows give on the court of the nursery schools.

Our mistress is called Karine Blaisonneau. She teaches us English every Monday and Thursdays. We make also data processing with it; they is every Monday and we call that the "workshops": we are by three and we "turn" on various workshops (tangram, play of Katamino, words crossed, the computer, dominos of the numbers...).

We have two speakers. Jean makes us sport every Tuesday mornings (Rugby, table tennis, golf...); with the mistress it is often Thursday and in this moment we make acrogym. Valerie comes to make us sing and play of the music Friday afternoon.

In our class there is a very good agreement between the girls and the boys, the CM1 and CM2.





*** The commune of Virelade ***

Our commune is rather large but counts only 760 inhabitants; it is because there are especially wood and vines. We are in the South-west of France, in the department of the Gironde (33), to 30 km in the South of Bordeaux.




* * * the school * * *

In our school, there are 4 classes:

* the nursery class of Odile Perrochon,

* the class of CP of Monique Labonne, Director

* the class of Ce1-ce2 de Dany Lavie,

* our class, Cm1-cm2 with our mistress Karine Blaisonneau.

We have two courses: for the nursery schools with a sand vat, a house out of wooden, a toboggan, a beam; the second court is for the primary educations: there are plane trees, a fir tree, a table-tennis table, 3 courtyards and one finds there the canteen and the public library.

The library is open every Monday evenings. It is also Monday evening, one Monday out of two, which we go to the swimming pool in the bus. They are the parents of pupils who organize this exit. They offer to us to taste it after the bathe.

The canteen is thus in our court. Almost all the class eats there. There are four cantinières: Jacqueline, Nadine, Karine and Nathalie. Nadine also works at the nursery school to help the mistress, while Nathalie and Karine deal with the nursery the morning, the evening and Wednesday.


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